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Giving thanks for the teachers

My oldest grandchild, Rhyland, started Kindergarten last week. The start of a school career is big stuff. When you think about the huge change in their lives, going from just hanging out all day, playing with this toy or that one to now having a full time job as a student. What a huge change overnight. It is also a big transition for parents. For five years, they have been yours to raise and to mold. Now you share that responsibility with a teacher and a school. As the child gets a few years older and participates in scouts and sports and other activities, you share that responsibility with a community. By the time they become teens, you are sharing it with an entire culture.

Theologian Cornell West says it matters little what we teach our children in our homes and in our churches. Once they walk out the door, Dr. West says, there are television programs and ads, movies, billboards, magazines, the Internet and more cultural forces competing with the lessons we taught, telling them too often that we have no idea what we are saying. He is partially correct. There is a competition for these kids’ lives. We do compete with the larger culture for the hearts and minds of ur children and grandchildren.

But what we teach them does matter.

At Highlands we give thanks for Connie and Courtney. They matter to the children who come to our little church. The lessons they teach these children will say with them for a lifetime. Pleas take a moment to thank these two for what they do and the time they spend with the children of Highlands.


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