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Our Future

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Beginning in September 2023, Highland Presbyterian entered into the call process as we search for a new Pastor. 

When asked what one thing made us proudest of our church, the responses (Word Cloud) clearly identified our focus on Social Justice as a primary source of pride.  Also high on the list was the fact that Highlands is a progressive, accepting, and generous church.  We have 56 active members (11/23) and an average Sunday includes attendees who are not yet members of Highlands.  We have an wonderful music program with soloists and choir. Our average congregation size is approximately 70 individuals; in person and on Zoom. 

This page will document the 24 steps to Calling a New Pastor and will share our progress.  The entire process is estimated to take at least one (1) year.

Inclusive, progressive community blending traditional religious teachings with social justice ... and demonstrating how that looks in the community and in the world. 

- Highlands Member 2023

The Call Process in the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Abbreviations used: CLC = Church Leadership Connection System; COM = Committee on Ministry;

MIF = Ministry Information Form; PNC = Pastor Nominating Committee


  1. Contact the COM upon Notification of the Pastor's Resignation (Session) 

  2. Plan for the Transition (Committee on Ministry and Session)

  3. Dissolve the Pastoral Relationship (Presbytery)

  4. Confer with COM whether a Mission Study will be Required (Session)

  5. Complete Mission Study (Transition Coordinator and Session)

  6. Discern Your Leadership Needs (COM and Session)

  7. Assess the Financial Capability of the Congregation (Session and COM)

  8. Church Nominating Committee selects the PNC

  9. Authorize a congregational meeting to elect the PNC (Session)

  10. Elect the PNC (Congregation)

  11. Submit the MIF to the Committee on Ministry of Presbytery (PNC)

  12. Submit the MIF to the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) in the General Assembly of the PC(USA) in Louisville, KY. 

  13. Define an Interview Process (PNC)

  14. Review and Receive Personal Information Forms Referrals (PNC)

  15. Reference Check Presbytery, Background, and other (Presbytery)

  16. Select a Nominee (PNC)

  17. Extend a Call (PNC)

  18. Negotiate Terms of Call (PNC and Minister)

  19. Approve Call and Terms (COM)

  20. Report Call to the Session (PNC)

  21. Authorize a Congregational Meeting to Elect the Pastor (Session)

  22. Notify the congregation two Sundays before the meeting (Session)

  23. Elect the Pastor (Congregation)

  24. Sign the Call (PNC and COM)

We are here!

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