The following are the Core Values of the people of Highlands

  1. We value diversity and accepting God’s children without judgment. We welcome all persons regardless of race, sexual orientation or identity, immigration status, or other characteristics that may define cultural differences.

  2. We value diversity of faiths. We recognize and honor our commonalities and believe an interfaith dialogue is critical to bringing about a just and compassionate world.

  3. We value fellowship and building relationships. We seek to be strengthened through authentic, trusting friendships among the people within our faith community.

  4. We value generosity.  We share our spiritual gifts and resources with the church and our community.

  5. We value God’s creation. We strive to be good stewards of the environment and advocates for a livable and sustainable world.

  6. We value social justice. We serve and advocate for the least of these our brothers and sisters.

  7. We value spiritual well-being.  We worship to feel God’s presence in our lives and strengthen our community. 

  8. We value thoughtful, honest, and discerning study of the Christian faith. 


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