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Members and friends of Highlands traveled to Central Wyoming College in May to present the endowment funds to CWC administration.

Front Row: Rory Tendore, CWC.  Back Row (Left to Right): Chesie Lee, Roger and Barbara Gose, Scott Ratliff, Sally Sato, Bob and Holly Garrard, Rodger McDaniel. 

  • Highlands provides financial support for the Riverton Peace Mission and participates in its efforts to advocate for justice for the people of the Wind River Indian Reservation.

  • To address systemic racism and institutional poverty, Highlands created a permanent endowment fund at Central Wyoming College (CWC) to support Native American students as they work to further their education.  The endowment will meet emergency needs of Native American students living on or near the Wind River Indian Reservation and attending CWC.  Email Highlands for more information about the fund. 

  • Beginning in January of 2023, Highlands began to voluntarily assess a "land-tax" or reparation's payment of $ 500.00 per month.  These funds will be set aside to support tribal-approved projects on Wind River. One project under consideration is the establishment of a Food Bank for Wind River residents, in cooperation with the Food Bank of Wyoming.  

If you would like to help with either project, write a check to Highlands and put either "CWC Endowment" or the "Indigenous Reparations Fund" on your check.  Just mail it to Highlands and we will make sure that it is applied to your program of choice.  Thank you! 

Highlands Window Inscription:  You are worshiping God on the ancestral lands of the Tsétsėhéstaestse (Cheyenne) and the Hinono’eiteen (Arapaho), and other Indigenous nations. Highlands honors their sovereignty and their courage by acknowledging the injustices visited upon them through the dispossession of these lands.

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